Red Rock Canyon Offerings

  •  Beyond Las Vegas lights lies the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area 20 miles to the west. The canyon gifts its visitors 19 trails for hiking, road ways and paths for biking, over 2,000 climbing routes that make Red Rock one of the top five destinations for climbers, night time skies for viewing by astronomers, scenery for photo shoots, areas for picnics, vistas for appreciation, riding trails for equestrians, rock formations, petroglyphs, pictographs and dinosaur tracks to be examined by geologists and paleontologists.
    The canyon offers a thirteen mile scenic drive and overlook, where many of the trails are located, views of brilliant red and white rock, wildlife, streams created by flash flooding and natural springs.

 DINOSAUR PRINTS were identified in Red Rock in September of 2011 by some regular visitors to the canyon. Paleontologists confirmed the find during a field trip to the site before the start of a paleontologist conference in Las Vegas in November of 2011. Experts have called this find the first of its kind in Nevada. The location of the prints have not been disclosed. Photo credits: S. Schrader 

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Red Rock Canyon offerings

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