Blue Diamond RR

 I lived in Blue Diamond for 17 years and 28 years total in Clark County NV.  I wanted to share my experiences living in the canyon so I created a journal of narratives and photographs that will be published in 2014. The photos throughout this website are a sample of what you will find in the photo journal.
I will be your guide for a brief tour to highlight a few of the canyon offerings.

Visitors and residents are greeted with the Blue Diamond  sign that boasts of low population, high elevation while the burro population is questionable. This village was a mining community in the 40's and 50's complete with company housing and store. Locals worked the mine to secure the shiny gypsum that resembled blue diamonds that gave the village its name.

The mine closed in 2005. Families reside in the village and collaborate through planned events for all. Children are the focus of many activities, the life style is laid back and the environment offers a respite from the pace of Vegas.

The first snowfall of January 2005 began quietly in the canyon and into the village. I watched the snowfall cover the road, shrubs and trees in a matter of minutes with an overwhelming silence. The snow had covered the park, but spared the Blue Diamond Creek which was running fast  As I made my way walking through the village, mother nature had been quietly painting the village roofs in her clean white style. Photo credits:S. Schrader