Canyon Offerings


The photographer stated that she lived here for a long time and wanted to share it with other like minded souls who may not have the time to actually come here and experience these vistas. 

Schrader documents her time spent living in Red Rock Canyon through her main passion, photography. Being able to offer this on line allows her to fully display the magnitude of the beauty within the canyon. 

While investigating the offerings of the canyon, Schrader accessed trails that revealed surprise findings including seasonal springs, waterfalls, streams and other oasis like areas." One of the many geologic forms that got my attention, each time that I visited it, were the Calico Hills" Sharee stated and "the brilliant reds and orange colors commanded the attention of all who passed by. 

" Because the Red Rock area was a special place to live, play and practice a peaceful life, I wanted to preserve these memories through photography" she stated. Go to Photo Gallery on the next page.




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Photo credits: S. Schrader